Him (part 1)

Originally posted on MAYAMOHA on Oct 4, 2017; revised for Medium

He reminds me of the smell of old nostalgic photographs that people randomly find in their attics.

He reminds me of the indie bookstore I always go to every two months to buy vinyl records.

He reminds me of The Godfather and looks slightly like Don Corleone.

He reminds me of the sound of an acoustic guitar at 11 PM and how he used to record himself playing the guitar and send the recordings to me.

He reminds me of the color caramel and the color of the sun when it’s orange-ish caramel.

He reminds me of the three songs I wrote for him, none of which I finished.

He reminds me of the smell of cinnamon rolls freshly made out of the oven.

He reminds me of Foxworth Hall from “Flowers In The Attic” and the Stark Tower.

He reminds me of falling leaves in an afternoon in September at Central Park and a summer night at Menteng.

He reminds me of my favorite number, which turned out to be the date I realized I fell for him.

He reminds me of dark earthy colors, the color schemes that I love very much.

He reminds me of my zodiac sign and how it is compatible with his zodiac sign.

He reminds me of Guns N Roses and how he said it was his favorite band.

He reminds me of Tony Stark and how we go crazy about how amazing Team Iron is.

He reminds me of her, the girl he’s been chasing for ages but also the one he left after a month of dating her.

He reminds me of her, of you, of those who broke our hearts before we even get a chance to steal theirs.

He reminds me of a lot of things, that Huckleberry.

But most importantly,

he reminds me of me.

Because every time I look into his sparkling brown eyes,

I see a fragment of myself in him.

What if this whole time I was in love with my own personality?



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